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About Coach

Hey! I am a mom, coach, runner, introvert, athletic, spartan racer, hard-headed, resilient, strong, curious, creative, passionate, empathetic, fighter, big-hearted, mental mess, driven, and grit.

Turning Point

All these words and many more make up for me. I have a 14-year-old son who loves farming, hockey, and mountain biking. I am an introvert this may be surprising to some since I am a coach but I have always had a hard time in social situations and crowds. When I started kickboxing classes at Empower it was no different I was scared to go at first but found this group to be something I haven't had in the past with no judgment and in a way, I felt I belonged here. It is a place I could come out of my shell and just be me. This is why when the chance came up I decided to challenge myself to get out of my comfort zone and start coaching. Kickboxing is still my favorite class being able to help women get out of their comfort zones and let the badass show through is awesome (you have it too). I love being able to help others in their fitness journey but at Empower it is not just a fitness journey you also go through a mental journey. It is best when I get to watch women grow and get to the place they want to be. ​ ​I have always considered myself athletic I always enjoyed playing sports and being outdoors but there was a chunk of time it took a backseat to in my life I was consumed with work and when my job changed after 13 years it took a toll on me mentally. I am someone that needs a purpose in my life and the new job I had at the time was not filling that purpose. I was a mental mess and would cope with drinking and not taking care of myself. Luckily that changed when Empower and Spartan racing/running came into my life. Empower helped me get to a place where I can stand in front of a group without being an anxious mess. I also currently do virtual coaching and I recorded workouts during “lockdown” something I never thought I would be brave enough to do. Spartan (obstacle course racing) challenged the fear of failure but I also found my grit. During my first race it was cold, wet, and super muddy I failed so many obstacles (failing an obstacle means you do 30 burpees every time) I did 180 burpees that race but I knew quitting wasn't an option. I had to finish the race for me and when I did it was a great feeling… now I am hooked. I have an outlet, a new purpose, a new drive. I still have my downs but I know without the challenging times I would not grow mentally. Now my downs are a way to learn and become stronger… I accept them because they are a part of me. ​ ​

Motivation & Passion

This brings me to be hard-headed, resilient, strong, curious, and a fighter. You know that sense of purpose well I am on a path to challenge my mental and physical resilience. I want to find my breaking point and am curious to see what I will do once I am there. I take on challenges that push me to get uncomfortable and challenge my supposed limits. To me, limits are something we put on ourselves or others put on us sometimes unknowingly. Most recently 4x4x48 which is 4 miles, every 4 hours, for 48 hours. I also ran 33 miles marking my 33rd birthday this was a big accomplishment for me. I was stuck and wouldn't go past 15 miles so it was my first time running a marathon and I reached my goal of 33 miles. I am happy with how they went but I know I have more and have not hit that breaking point yet. I feel like I have just started living the life I was meant to live and it is the best feeling in the world. I may not be where I want to be but I know where I am going and have goals set up to get me there. ​ ​Don’t let fear get in the way of who you want to be or who your supposed to be. It may be scary but this group of women is a family that empowers each other. We want you to succeed and so do they. See you in class and remember YES YOU CAN!

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