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About Coach

Hi! My name is Cassie and I am a born and raised Yanktonite. It’s still unreal to me to say I am a fitness coach as I have never been athletic or in shape or even active until Empower. In fact, I have been unhealthy and obese most of my life. I knew I needed to make a change to live a long life for my 3 kids. I took my first class on 12/5/17 with much reluctance. It actually took everything in me just to sign up. I had the fear of being the fat girl everyone was going to stare at and judge. I can honestly say I haven’t worked out since middle school volleyball practice (about 20 years ago) and did not want to embarrass myself. To my surprise, none of that happened. I was welcomed with open arms, shown modifications, and told what a great job I did. I haven’t looked back since that first class!

Turning Point

Empower Fitness is not just about the classes, losing weight, or getting in shape; it’s about support, encouragement, friendships, accountability, laughter, teamwork, and learning self-love that I would not have found at a gym. This journey and the women I have met along the way is incredible. In fact, it has been life-changing for me. So life-changing I decided I want to be that face welcoming women to class, showing them that anybody and anybody can do this. I do not fit the standard fitness coach mold and that is what makes Empower unique. I am here for you, to go to your first class with you, to help you start your journey, or for you to come to my Poundfit class just to rock out and have fun. There are no judgments here, I will be sweaty and out of breath right next to you!

Motivation & Passion

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