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About Coach

​I’m a native of Yankton, SD and although I’ve moved away a couple of times, we’ve always found our way back home. I feel fortunate to live in a community that has so much to offer. We are especially lucky to have Empower. I didn’t grow up playing sports and have never considered myself an athlete but I have always stayed active.

Turning Point

During my life, I’ve had times when I worked out, lifted weights, and trained but always ended up giving up, usually after seeing some results. I turned 40 over a year ago and have been on a journey to become healthy. I found myself overweight, tired, and weak. I struggled to try to do it myself, I would go to the gym, spend time on the elliptical machine and lift some weights but never really got results.

Motivation & Passion

I found Empower in the fall of 2018 and have lost 20 pounds. I haven’t met my goal yet but I’m convinced that with Empower, I can do it. I decided to become a coach because I loved and admired what I got from the trainers at Empower. I am also an educator and so I decided committing myself to my health and the health of others would be a fantastic way for me to stay strong and healthy. ​ ​Outside of Empower, I am a wife and mother of three daughters. I am a social work associate professor and director of the social work program at Briar Cliff University.

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